Since childhood, Grace Bjork has been captivated by the world of art, finding it a very fulfilling form of self-expression. Her early years were filled with drawings, but as she grew older, she set aside her artistic passions to build a successful career in her own wellness business helping many resolve pain in their body.

In 2020, a devastating loss struck when her dad, her hero and huge source of inspiration, tragically passed away in a work-related accident. In the midst of her grieving process, Grace felt a powerful, undeniable pull back to art, specifically to painting—a medium that had once confused and frustrated her. This time, however, it all clicked into place, and painting became a sanctuary of healing and solace. She immersed herself in her art, painting with newfound clarity and emotion, and sought to refine her skills through dedicated practice and classes. Studying under other skilled artists and eventually attending Milan Art Institute. 

By 2023, Grace had embraced her artistic journey fully, transitioning to a professional artist. Her captivating pieces began to reach and inspire a growing audience, each work resonating deeply with those who encountered it.

Grace's creations are more than just art; they are reflections of the human experience, evoking thoughts and emotions that resonate universally yet uniquely with each viewer. Her work speaks to the shared moments of joy, sorrow, and introspection that define our lives.

Now based in Arizona, Grace paints from her studio, surrounded by the majestic beauty of the mountains. Her oil and mixed media paintings continue to evolve, each one infused with meaning and emotion. She is dedicated to expanding the reach of her art, sharing her journey, and connecting with those who find inspiration in her expressions.

Join Grace on this artistic voyage, and discover pieces that not only adorn your space but also touch your heart and soul.