Grace Bjork has been creating art since a child and has always been in love with this form of self expression.

Mainly drawing in her childhood, she then set aside art to pursue a career and her own business in wellness as an adult.

In 2020, her dad who inspired her most in life, was abruptly killed in a tragic work related accident. Through the grieving process she developed a strong urge to pick art back up, specifically paint, even though painting was always a struggle and never made sense. This time it was different, some how it made sense, and everything flowed. Painting became a healing sanctuary. It’s then that she decided to pour herself back into art, painting regularly, and taking classes to develop her skillset more.

In 2023, she decided to pursue art professionally.

Grace loves to create pieces that represent and speak to the human experience. Things we all feel and go through at some point, to a certain extent, and in our own unique way.

It’s a pleasure to share these expressions and an honor to know those who are inspired or moved by them.