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Original “Embodied Self Love”

Original “Embodied Self Love”

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“Embodied Self Love”

When one full bodies self-love, they know their self-worth and don’t settle for anything less than they deserve. Inspiring to those who are actively working on self improvement, and threatening to those who are overly insecure. 

To embody self-love is to know yourself. awareness of what can be better about yourself, without hate or shame surrounding it, but a dedication for improvement in those areas from a place of love. 

Self-love doesn’t always look like pampering days. sometimes it’s the hard truth, followed by a lot of discipline and self-control. One who embodies self-love fully, knows which type of love is appropriate when


•Original painting by Grace Bjork

•9”x12” on 215lb acid free canvas paper.

•Mixed media, oil & acrylic paint

**Frame not included. For display purposes only

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